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6 Essential Products in Japanese Skincare

How do the Japanese ladies keep their skin beautiful and moisturized?

Below is a quick guide on the 6 essential products that every Japanese girl will not forget in their daily skincare routine.

1) クレンジング Cleansing

To remove oily stains , make up and sunblock or other kinds of existing creams. There are several types of make up removers in Japan, which can be in the form of oil, milk, lotion, and gel. Apply the item on the face, massage before removing it by cotton or water.

2)洗顔 Facial wash

Slightly different from ‘Cleansing’, facial wash is to remove natural stains such as dust, sweat, and sebum. Most Japanese women perform facial wash twice a day, every morning and night time. Facial wash usually come in the form of solid, liquid and gel type. To perform facial wash effectively, one must ensure that rich foam is produced regardless of the type.

3) 化粧水 Lotion

Lotion acts as a softener for the skin. It is usually applied by hand or cotton to prepare the skin for the application of beauty essence.

4) 美容液 Beauty essence

This is an important step to apply the necessary essence to your skin deep inside (stratum corneum). The choice of beauty essence varies with skin conditions.

5) 乳液 Milky lotion

The purpose of applying milky lotion is essentially to ensure that your skin stays moisturized. Usually girls do not need 乳液 milky lotion and クリーム cream until they’re teenagers because the skin produces high levels of sebum. Nevertheless, if you are expericing dry skin the milky lotion would be the right product for your skin.

6) クリーム Cream

Cream is similar to milky lotion except that it has higher level of oil content. It is important to select the right product depending on your skin condition. Cream is more suitable for naturally dry skin while milky lotion is one level below.

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