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【 Ranking 2018 Mid】Eyelash / Fake Eyelashes

Real popular 【 Ranking 2018 Mid】Eyelash / Fake Eyelashes in Japan!

1.KOJI Spring Heart 1SH1365 [SH Eyelash 15]


The most popular brand in Japan, Koji eyelashes.

There are a lot of various fake eyelashes but this No.15 is the best for natural make up.

Customer reviews below.


According to the title, No. 15 of Spring Heart is so wonderful that soft hair tips and bushy feeling are as good as eyelash extensions.



I tried using various numbers of other manufacturers and Spring Heart series, but No. 15 is the best! Feeling attached There is no sense of incompatibility Looks like its own eyelash. But the length and volume are reasonable and feel good. There used to be an extension in the past, but now it is a lineup.


It’s cheaper and more comfortable to wear than any false eyelashes (^_^)

No.2 CYBERDRIVE Miche Bloomin NO.03 Pure Sweet 4 pairs [Eyelashes]


Pure eyelashes blend into the eyes. To the eyes with transparent feeling.

The secret of the popularity of Mish Bloommin is “Airy Extra fine hair”. The difference in fineness with general Tsukema products is 20% lighter. Since hair ends are very thin, you can direct natural eyes.



Not like “I have put on false eyelashes”.  Great item!!!!!


Although I am single, it is somewhat short, it is very easy to wear, it is easy to use because it is a natural length, and I repeat it many times.
The price is also good so it is recommended.

No.3 Annex RPN-07 [eyelash RiPi Mocha Natural]


Keep long and never tired. Long-lasting hair quality / high cost performance eyelashes!

Mocha with eyelash Fluffy cute eyes with mini glue.



4 years repeat item continued in use (about two weeks per piece)

【good point】
· It does not become too flashy, but you can increase the volume.
· Because the line part is transparent, it is nice that the eye makeup is thin but not unnatural.
It’s fairly strong so you can wash it more than ten times and use it repeatedly.
[Bad point]
· There is no particular dissatisfaction with the false eyelash itself, but the attached glue has an impression that the adhesive strength is not so strong.
So, I purchase other strong types separately.



looks natural. I am happy that 4 sets at this price! I also like No.1 and No.2 so it is recommended for those who do not want to give much false eyelashes.
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